For our debut collection, Garland of Victory has partnered with a youth-led organization called TransEnd. TransEnd works towards social and economic equality for gender minorities in Bangladesh.

Our bags and plant hangers have been intentionally designed to provide a flexible source of income for the marginalized hijra, trans, and gender non-conforming community in Dhaka. By partnering with local activists, we created fair trade, earth friendly products while centering queer artisanship.

Slow Fashion

Upcycled Materials

For our plant hangers, we made a call for donations of unwanted sarees worn by community members who wish to support TransEnd members. After washing the textile, it is cut and woven into the ropes that are bound together to form the plant hanger. Upcycling saves unwanted textiles from winding up in a landfill.

Fashion waste statistics

fair trade / eco dye

Natural Indigo Dye

Our bags have been hand dyed with natural Indigo in a non-toxic fructose and calcium hydroxide vat. We designed the Noor bag to accommodate the artisans and the organization who supports them. To offer flexibility, we selected a design that could be made without any equipment and secured a workspace to hold trainings and store materials.

Slow Fashion

Zero Waste Design

Our team in Bangladesh sources heritage textile scraps from local tailoring shops. We use those scraps along with the scraps from the linings of our bags to make the plant hanger ropes.

labor justice

Fair Trade

Unfair labor practices continue to be an issue in fast fashion. At Garland of Victory, we believe fair pay is a priority. This is why we invested time to collaborate with activists who have close connections with the artisans. Together, we consulted with labor activists in Dhaka and set a fair rate. We priced the bags and plant hangers accordingly.

Cost Transparency


Conscious Fashion & Lifestyle Network

Garland of Victory is proud to be a member of the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. We are specifically committed to UN Sustainable goals #5 for gender equity and #8 for dignified work. Please read our profile linked below.


As a small business, we believe best effort is better than waiting for perfection- sustainability is a journey that we must urgently pursue. As we expand our product offerings, we will experiment with different sustainable methods and remain transparent along the way.